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Vizio SmartCast TVs and speaker systems are now compatible with Google Home

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Dan Baker/Digital Trends
Since the introduction of the feature last year, Vizio has been hard at work on its SmartCast app, which turns your mobile device into a supercharged remote. Now, the app is getting even smarter with the addition of Google Home integration, adding a new layer of control to SmartCast-enabled TVs and soundbars.

“Controlling Vizio SmartCast devices from Google Home is a significant milestone for consumers and their ability to manage their entertainment experience,” Matt McRae, Vizio chief technology officer, said in a statement. “Using a simple voice command to stream a movie from Netflix to a Vizio display or stream music from Spotify to a group of Vizio speakers is an eye-opening experience, and shows off the power of Vizio SmartCast.”

Now you are a simple “OK Google” away from adjusting volume on any supported device. This functionality extends to pausing and resuming playback, as well as skipping tracks when listening to music. If you have Quick Start Power Mode turned on in your TV’s setting, you can even have the TV power on automatically as soon as you make a request for any type of entertainment.

When using the new feature with speakers, services like Spotify, Pandora, and Google Play Music are supported, though Spotify integration is only available to Spotify Premium subscribers. When it comes to video, voice-controlled playback is available for apps like Netflix and YouTube, with more services likely to be added in the future.

The new Google Home functionality is rolling out now, so if it isn’t yet available to you, the wait shouldn’t be long. SmartCast is available on most recent Vizio speakers and soundbars, as well as the company’s recent P-series, M-series, and E-series TV models. For more information, see the SmartCast section of the Vizio website.

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