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Get this Vizio 5.1 surround sound system for under $200 with this deal

The Vizio 5.1-channel V-Series soundbar and included subwoofer and speakers against a white background.

If you’re not impressed with the audio output of your 4K TV, that’s probably because its speakers aren’t powerful enough for the sound that you want. The easy solution is to invest in soundbar deals like Walmart’s offer for the Vizio V-Series 5.1-channel soundbar. Here’s your chance to get the surround sound system for less than $200, as a $23 discount pulls its price down to just $196 from its original price of $219. You’re going to have to hurry with your purchase if you’re interested though, as we’re not sure if this bargain will still be available by tomorrow.

Why you should buy the Vizio V-Series 5.1-channel soundbar

The Vizio V-Series 5.1-channel soundbar is a surround sound system because according to our guide on how to buy a soundbar, the “5” in its name means it comes with five channels — the standard left and right channels, a center channel for better dialog clarity, and two more channels for surround sound speakers that are supported by Dolby Audio and DTS Surround. Meanwhile, the “1” means that the soundbar comes with a subwoofer, and in this case, it’s a wireless subwoofer that you can place anywhere in the living room where you want deep bass to come from.

Setting up the Vizio V-Series 5.1-channel soundbar is easy as it uses HDMI ARC technology, and you can customize its output with adjustable EQ and tone, level, and balance controls. You can also use the soundbar as a Bluetooth speaker for playing music from your mobile devices, and it works with voice commands to control your other smart home devices that are powered by Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Google Assistant.

For much better audio, your purchase from TV deals should be accompanied by a surround sound system like the Vizio V-Series 5.1-channel soundbar. It’s currently available from Walmart for $196, for savings of $23 on its sticker price of $219. Once this offer expires, we’re not sure when you’ll get another chance at the Vizio V-Series 5.1-channel soundbar for less than $200, so don’t waste any more time if you want it. Proceed with the transaction immediately so that you don’t miss out on this bargain.

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Don’t miss your chance to get this Vizio soundbar bundle for $200
v series soundbar wall mounted with TV

If you want better audio from your home theater setup, it's highly recommended that you buy from soundbar deals. Here's a nice offer for you to consider -- the Vizio V-Series 5.1-channel soundbar for just $200, following a $50 discount from Best Buy. You're going to have to be quick with your purchase if you're interested in this soundbar bundle though, because there's no telling if you'll still be able to pocket the savings if you delay the transaction to tomorrow.

Why you should buy the Vizio V-Series 5.1-channel soundbar
Our guide on how to buy a soundbar explains the numbers in the name of the Vizio V-Series 5.1-channel soundbar. The"5" refers to the number of channels -- in this case, it's the standard left and right channels, a center channel that improves the clarity of dialog, and two additional channels for surround sound speakers. The "1" refers to the presence of a subwoofer --  a 5-inch wireless subwoofer that you can place anywhere that you want in the room for deep booming bass. Combined with DTS: Virtual X that creates virtualized 3D sound, the Vizio V-Series 5.1-channel soundbar promises the highest-quality audio for your living room.

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Over 17,000 people love this 50-inch 4K TV, and it’s under $250
Vizio V-Series TVs in family room with smart TV on.

If you're on the hunt for affordable TV deals, you're going to want to check out the 50-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV. It's on sale with a $112 discount from Walmart, where it's received more than 23,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars, and more than 17,000 reviews with a 5-star rating. Instead of $360, you'll only have to pay $248 for this popular 4K TV, but since we don't know how much time is remaining for you to take advantage of this cheap price, it's highly recommended that you push through with the purchase right now.

Why you should buy the 50-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV
The Vizio V-Series is an affordable TV line from one of the best TV brands, but that doesn't mean it sacrifices quality to keep prices low. You'll get 4K Ultra HD resolution on its 50-inch screen, for which you may have to check with our guide on what size TV to buy to make sure that you have enough space. It also supports Dolby Vision Bright mode, HDR10+ and HLG formats, and DTS Virtual: X for a viewing and listening experience that you won't believe you can get from a TV that costs less than $250.

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VIZIO rolls out all-new Quantum 4K QLED smart TVs: Get them at Walmart right now
VIZIO M75Q6-L4 all-new Quantum 4K QLED HDR smart TVs

When brands launch new TVs, especially models that utilize the latest technologies, the prices tend to be expensive. But it doesn't always have to be that way, and one brand proving it to the world is VIZIO. More specifically, VIZIO is launching all-new Quantum 4K QLED Smart TVs in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes. Here's the kicker: Both models will be available at Walmart and are incredibly affordable. Starting at $498, you can get your hands on a shiny new Quantum 4K QLED Smart TV, leveraging next-generation colors and clarity with HDR Dolby Vision support and spectacular Quantum Color technology (QLED) that puts over 1 billion colors on screen. These sets are excellent for gaming, too, thanks to AMD FreeSync compatibility and the option to crank up frame rates to 120Hz when in 1080P. Of course, there's much more to share about these VIZIO TVs, so keep reading.

Why you should buy the all-new VIZIO Quantum 4K QLED HDR smart TVs
There are two new models, one a 65-inch panel and the other in a 75-inch size. Both utilize QLED Quantum Color technology in a 4K UHD (2160P) resolution. At the top of the list of features is WiFi 6, the latest wireless connectivity tech for faster, better, and less congested internet connections. You'll want a WiFi 6-capable router to support those faster connections, by the way. Central to the wireless connectivity is VIZIO's smart TV platform with WatchFree+, a service not unlike cable TV that gives you access to thousands of on-demand and freely available content.

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