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Vizio XVT Pro HDTVs Go All Out

As part of their CES blitz, HDTV maker Vizio has announced its forthcomingXVT Pro series of HDTVs—and where Vizio is normally known for mass market flatscreen televisions that mainly appeal to customers’ pocketbooks, these sets claim to offer the whole panoply of high-end whiz-bang features every home theater and HDTV aficionado needs: 3D capability, up to 480 zones os smart-dimming LED backlighting, wireless HDMI, and 480 Hz refresh rates for smooth motion. Oh, and the XVT Pro series also add in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and integrated Internet-savvy applications for connecting to home networks, all your gadgets, and keeping up with the wild and crazy Internet.

Vizio XVT Pro (CES 2010)

“Our 2010 XVT Pro series offers a refreshing combination of the latest technology,” said Vizio co-founder and sales/marketing VP Laynie Newsome, in a statement. “We at VIZIO are setting new standards for picture quality and user experience. Fifty percent of consumers want a 3D home theater, according to Quixel Research, and our new XVT Pro Series brings the latest technology to consumers who want the absolute best in class.”

The XVT Pro series will be available in 47-, 55-, and a whopping 72-inch size. All the sets feature 480 Hz refresh rates, five HDMI inputs, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, LED backlighting (though the number of dimming zones varies: the 47 incher will have 160, the 55 incher will have 120, and the 72 incher will have 480). The sets also incorporate Sensio 3D technology to handle delivery of 3D content—although, of course, users will still need oh-so-stylish 3D glasses, in this case Bluetooth-enabled XpanD active-shutter glasses that dynamically switch the shutters between opaque and transparent in synch with the television.

The XVT Pros will also feature a Wireless HDMI receiver so users can put their Blu-ray players and other high-definition technology out of sight somewhere without having to run a heap of cables through a wall or across a room. The Wireless HDMI solution runs at 60 GHz and handles up to 4 HDMI sources. the XVTPros also feature Vizio Internet Apps: the televisions connect to an existing home broadband connection using 802.11/n Wi-Fi and can connect to on-demand and streaming video, music, and media services without a separate set-top box. Vizio hasn’t announced any content partners for its Internet Apps, but it’s safe to say the company will be working to include pay-per-view and online streaming solutions with the sets.

And Vizio has a while to work out the details: it isn’t planning on shipping the XVT Pros until August 2010. However, the prices look interesting: Vizio says the MSRP for the 47 inch model should be around $1,999, with the 55-inch unit going for $2,499 and the mammoth 72-inch set going for $3,499.

Vizio XVT Pro (CES 2010)

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