V-Moda’s new Zn in-ears use zinc-alloy for tank-like durability, Italian style

Top-flight headphone maker V-Moda is challenging listeners to recall their high school chemistry days with the brand’s first pair of in-ears in four years, the Zn. As those familiar with the good ol’ periodic table will recall, the Zn’s moniker is the elemental symbol for zinc, apropos here as the V-Moda employ a patented process to cast the futuristic buds from zinc alloy to leverage its “unique hardness and resonance.”

Presented as a limited edition pair of buds, the stylish Zn boast a number of features to create an a high-performance in-ear that matches Italian style with “unmatched durability.” The Zn have been designed to be a go-to choice for every kind of listening, from your daily commute, to your workout routine, and even your late-night musical revery.

Inside the zinc alloy casings rest 8mm drivers, surrounded by Italian-made acoustic filters “from a limited supply” which V-Moda calls the “gatekeepers of golden acoustics.” The filters are designed to allow for tight detail, and rich resonance, while the drivers are said to be tuned for enhanced clarity of midrange instruments like vocals and acoustic guitar for a more natural sound. The claimed frequency response for the Zn is an impressive 2-25kHz, matching up on paper with V-Moda’s claims that the Zn were designed with audiophiles in mind.


The earphones come with eight pairs of V-Moda’s patented Bliss 3.0 eartips to allow for a tight fit and improved noise isolation for any earsize. Other accessories include the company’s Kevlar-reinforced DiamondBack cable system, a three-button iOS mic piece, a small carrying case, and even removable wrap-around earpieces, letting you strap in for a good run, or let the earpieces hang during more relaxed listening applications.

In keeping with V-Moda’s dual approach to excel in both style and durability, the Zn have also been tested to withstand abuse “beyond military-level standards,” allowing them to take on the elements in almost any condition.

The headphones are priced at $180, putting them in some mighty company in the genre, but considering our surprisingly impressive experiences with both the V-Moda Crossfade, and the junior sized V-Moda X, we’re optimistic these little silver beauties can live up to the hype.

And just to make sure you’re totally satisfied, the Zn come with a Ron Popeil-style 60-day money back guarantee, allowing users to give the new buds a test run worry-free. You can order the new Zn today on V-Moda’s website.


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