2005 Volvo Line-up Gets Dolby Pro Logic II

This brings the number of Volvo models featuring the Dolby Pro Logic II Premium Sound System to seven.

Now on the market, the 2005 Dolby Pro Logic II equipped Volvo models will offer a premium surround sound experience for consumers. The Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound logo will be featured on the dashboard of each vehicle, representing the superior technology featured in the Volvo audio systems.

In the last two years there has been rapid growth in the number of vehicles featuring sophisticated in-car entertainment systems, and surround sound technology has been a key feature of these systems. According to the market research firm Strategy Analytics, the global in-car entertainment market is expected to reach $34 billion in 2010, increasing from $19 billion in 2003. Vehicle manufacturers like Volvo are differentiating their models by including best-in-class technologies like Dolby Pro Logic II in order to offer discerning consumers an exceptional car audio experience.

“Volvo is a recognized leader in automotive entertainment. The incorporation of Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound technology in the Volvo S60, S80, V70, and XC70 Cross Country, along with the Volvo XC90, S40 and V50, anticipates the future of in-car entertainment systems,” said Patrick Artiaga, director, automotive marketing, Dolby Laboratories. “We are delighted to see the migration of surround sound entertainment from the home to the car, where Dolby technologies offer a host of new possibilities, improvements, and most importantly entertainment to the Volvo customer.”

“Complementing Volvo’s vehicle performance, Dolby Pro Logic II provides a new standard for in-car entertainment that allows our customers to have a home theater experience on the go,” said Thomas Andersson, executive vice president, marketing, Volvo Cars of North America, LLC.

Recognized as the most natural method of transforming traditional two-channel content into a premier surround sound listening experience, Dolby Pro Logic II has become the standard for matrix surround technology, providing five full-bandwidth channels of surround sound playback. Dolby Pro Logic II unlocks directional cues in stereo (two-channel) audio content, such as radio and CDs, and processes them into five-channel surround sound.

The 2005 Volvo S60 T5 model will be a featured vehicle in the Dolby booth at the Convergence 2004 conference in Detroit, October 18-20.

Dolby Pro Logic II decoding technology is incorporated in millions of products worldwide from automobiles to home A/V receivers to PCs.