Walmart Launches CD Music Service

“The service lets customers choose tracks from more than 400,000 songs–rock, easy listening, country, classical, and more–all from Wal-Mart’s Web site. There’s no downloading required, nor isaccess to a CD burner or a portable digital music device necessary.

Customers select songs that burns onto a physical CD and ships. “The customer orders music from the online catalog and chooses the title and cover art to personalize the product before the order flows through the system to the production facility where the CD is produced,” says Kevin Swint,’s director of media categories. “The process is automated.”’s Northern California IT department created the online music service with an unnamed partner, Swint says. It ties into’s music “download platform on the back end, so human intervention isn’t required until the CD is packaged by hand.” The first three songs cost $4.62, and 88 cents per additional song. “

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