Walmart rolls out digital movie downloads with Vudu-to-Go


Designed for the traveler, Vudu now allows users to download movies that have been purchased on the service. Previously, the service would only allow users to stream content over a PC or mobile device to watch a film or television show. This allows users to download an entire film similar to iTunes and watch at a later time. This also allows users with slower broadband connections to download an entire film instead of waiting for buffering while attempting to stream a 1080p version of a movie. However, downloads are only available for purchased movies rather than rentals. Avid movie watchers will have to stick with iTunes when renting a new movie to watch on an iPhone or iPad.

Vudu titlesBy adding the ability to download a standard definition quality version of the film, this puts Vudu in line with UltraViolet technology that’s being slowly launched by the movie studios. UltraViolet allows a standard definition version of the movie to be downloaded to mobile devices after a physical copy is purchased. However, PlayStation 3 owners currently have the ability to download both Vudu rentals and purchases onto the hard drive included with the game console. Walmart is also attempting to introduce more people to the Vudu service by offering $5 Vudu credit vouchers when customers purchase specific Blu-ray and DVD titles at a brick and mortar location. This promotion is continuing through the end of November and Black Friday shoppers will be able to take advantage when purchasing movies on sale that day.

A $5 voucher pays for the cost of a typical 720p HD rental of a new release on the Vudu service, but a 1080p version of the movie costs an extra dollar. Television episodes can also be rented starting at $1.99 an episode. Walmart has also struck a deal with HP that will include the Vudu application on the desktop when a new HP personal computer or laptop is purchased at Walmart.

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