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Which AirPods should you buy on Prime Day?

Amazon’s Prime Day has become a shopping event to rival Black Friday, with tons of Prime Day deals across dozens of categories. It has also developed a reputation as a great time to score a deal on Apple’s crazy-popular AirPods.

With super-easy pairing to Apple devices and hands-free access to Siri, AirPods are some of the best true wireless earbuds for folks who own an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

So, which Prime Day AirPods deals should you be on the lookout for, and what can you expect to pay? Here’s what we recommend.

Apple AirPods with wireless charging

If you want a set of day-to-day true wireless earbuds that you can quickly and easily pop in your ears for tunes or podcasts on the go, Apple’s AirPods 2 are ideal. They use a non-canal-sealing design that many people find more comfortable for extended periods than the kind that uses silicone ear tips.

They get about five hours of play time per charge and their charging case can extend that to just over 24 hours — more than enough to get you through a workday or even a long flight. Thanks to Apple’s H1 wireless chip, they pair quickly and easily, and if you sign in to iCloud, you’ll be able to switch seamlessly between your various Apple devices.

The regular price on Apple’s AirPods with the wireless charging option is $199, but we’ve seen them get as low as $130, which is a fantastic price for these earbuds. In fact, at that price, the AirPods with wireless charging are $29 less than the version with wired charging at their regular price of $159.

Apple AirPods with wired charging

Speaking of the version with wired charging, these earbuds have also been known to get deep discounts on Amazon. In October of 2020, they dropped as low as $99, a huge — and rare — discount on an Apple product.

If you can find Apple AirPods for this price on Prime Day, we suggest you grab ’em.

Apple AirPods Pro

Airpods Pro

When Apple revealed the AirPods Pro in 2019, we were blown away. In one fell swoop, the company addressed virtually all of our concerns with the original AirPods: So-so sound quality, no active noise cancellation (ANC), and no wireless charging.

For only $50 more than the AirPods with wireless charging, the AirPods Pro are a huge step up. Because of their ear-canal-sealing silicone ear tips, they naturally block out more noise than the regular AirPods. This gives them an automatic bump in sound quality, especially when it comes to low-end bass.

This design also let Apple add ANC to the AirPods Pro, and it works incredibly well. Popping them in your ears, even when no music is playing, instantly delivers a cone-of-silence effect as it blocks out all kinds of external sounds. Just as impressive is their transparency mode which does the opposite — letting the outside world in.

Regularly $249, Amazon has sold the AirPods Pro for as little as $170 in the past. And while we doubt they’ll go that low for Prime Day, you’re still likely to find a very attractive discount on these earbuds.

Wondering if the AirPods Pro are worth the extra money? Check out or handy AirPods Pro vs. AirPods comparison.

Apple AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max
Riley Young/Digital Trends

Apple’s insanely expensive wireless headphones are also pretty insanely great and you might be hoping that Prime Day will bring the best noise-canceling headphones down to a more palatable price. But that’s not very likely.

With superb sound, comfort, style, and ANC, the AirPods Max are easily the best audio product Apple has ever created.

Apple’s initial run sold out almost immediately, causing some shipping delays on orders, but that has now been fixed. Along with the increased supply have come lower prices.

In May, we saw the first AirPods Max discounts, with the Space Gray model hitting $529, and the other four colors hitting $519. At these prices, they’re still more expensive than the competition from Sony, Bose, and Sennheiser, but a discount is a discount. If you can find AirPods Max for less on Prime Day, it will be a new low for Apple’s priciest cans.

Today’s best AirPods deals

If you can’t wait until Prime Day, there are several fantastic AirPods deals you can shop right now. We’ve rounded up the best below.

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