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These wireless earbuds are on sale for $5 — you read that right!

The Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with 2,000mAh Charging Case.

Wireless earbuds have become very popular, and year after year, those little in-ear drivers continue to improve and evolve. There are numerous options on the market, with products available from top brands like Apple, Bose, and Sony. These big names tend to carry heavier price tags though, and while AirPods deals and Bose headphone deals are fairly common, you’ll usually wind up paying at least $100 for these items.

Of course, if you’re shopping on an aggressively cheap budget, you’ll still be able to get a pair of wireless buds. To that end, we’ve actually found a great deal over at Woot for wireless earbuds. Right now, you can get these Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with 2,000mAh Charging Case for just $5.

Why you should buy the Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Ditching the auxiliary or USB connection between your headset and audio device is one of the biggest benefits of cord-free buds. This also means you’ll need to worry about how much battery each of your earbuds is carrying. In most cases, you’ll get around 5 hours per bud, but these Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds deliver between 6-8 playback hours on a full charge. Plus, they come with a cool charging case that can top off your earbuds up to 11 times.

That’s not the case’s only trick: it’s also a portable power bank. This means the USB-A port on the case can be used to recharge phones, tablets, and other small gadgets. We don’t usually have much to say about the inside of an earbud charging case, but the interior on this pair is worth discussing. Equipped with easy-to-read left and right bud battery indicators, and a centered percentage tracker for the case itself, you’ll never have to question how much charge is remaining.

We see a lot of earbud deals, but we don’t know if we’ve ever seen one this cheap. Are they an audiophile’s dream? No. But if you’ve got $5 burning a hole in your pocket, do yourself a favor and buy the Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with 2,000mAh Charging Case.

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