The Wren V5PF DTS Play-Fi Wireless Speaker claims to lose nothing in translation

wren dts v5pf product shot 3 low

DTS and Wren Sound Systems have teamed up to introduce the Wren V5PF. The real news here is that the speaker uses a new wireless audio technology dubbed “Play-Fi”, allowing for HD-quality audio streaming over a Wi-Fi network via app or software driver.

DTS claims this Play-Fi tech is capable of beaming audio from point A to B with no compression or deterioration in quality. That may be true, but hard-core audiophiles with lots of uncompressed music on hand will need some pretty amazing network bandwidth to keep the tunes flowing without interruption.

You can connect as many as eight different devices with Play-Fi, which allows you to listen anywhere within your wireless network’s range; so there are plenty of perks.

With real bamboo or rosewood exteriors and neutral, non-offensive grey grills, these speakers could look right at home in either your living room or the doctor’s office. The V5PF’s press materials claim it’s capable of filling either venue with sound, but with no specs yet, we’ll have to wait and see.

The speaker will be available early this year for $400, a lofty enough price point to have us expecting some serious state-of-the-art-ness under the hood.