Yamaha brings its executive audio systems into this century with colorful new options and Bluetooth capability

yamaha bluetooth tsx mcr

Yesterday, Yamaha announced that the it would begin shipping its latest desktop and micro component audio systems later this month. The new speaker offerings include the TSX-132, TSX-B232, MCR-042, and MCR-B142.

The TSX models are said to be all-in-one systems, versatile enough to blend into most modern living environments. A large clock display and IntelliAlarm feature that gradually rouses sleepers also helps the speakers fit into the domestic sphere. Both TSX iterations boast 30w peak power and dual 3-inch full-range drivers, and both are available in either black or white finishes.

In contrast, the MCR models are touted more for their robust audio, and feature detachable speakers and large magnets for rich bass and clear mids and highs. Both MCRs are equipped with dual 4.5-inch full-range woofers. This series is also the more colorful of the two, strutting its stuff in 10 different hues.

yamaha bluetooth tsx mcrThe principle difference defining difference for the higher-end models in each series  appears to be Bluetooth functionality. The TSX-B232 and MCR-B142 have it; the TSX-132 and MCR-042 don’t.

All models feature slot-in style CD players, AM/FM tuners, iPod/iPhone docks, and USB and Aux-in options. Price points below.

TSX-132 – $450
TSX-B232 – $550
MCR-042 – $400
MCR-B142 – $450