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The Yamaha R-N303 lets you listen to music in almost any format

Yamaha R-N303
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These days, even those with excellent home stereo systems are listening to their music from a wide array of sources. Whether it’s checking out new music via streaming services like Spotify, or playing lossless music from a networked computer, modern stereo receivers need to be up to the task of playing audio from a wide number of sources. The new Yamaha R-N303 network Hi-Fi stereo receiver aims to solve any connectivity woes, providing a huge amount of playback options for wallet-conscious audio enthusiasts.

The simple, brushed-metal box is designed to play music from online streaming services, mobile devices, computers, and legacy audio devices like turntables and CD players, providing a true all-in-one solution for those who can never quite settle on their favorite listening method — or who have their favorite music strewn across many formats. In addition, the receiver offers Yamaha MusicCast multiroom integration, allowing it to deliver content to any MusicCast-enabled speakers or soundbars in your home, all via a mobile app.

“The R-N303 delivers exceptionally high performance, versatility, and value, reflecting the Yamaha commitment to music and to Hi-Fi enthusiasts,” said Yamaha’s general manager of audiovisual equipment Robert Goedken in a press release. “It is a practical choice for enthusiasts who want to enjoy an array of music sources from vinyl to high-resolution audio files stored on networked devices. The R-N303 also inherits the simple and sophisticated design unique to Yamaha with an elegant hairline-finished front panel and the aesthetic that harmonizes beautifully with other Hi-Fi audio equipment.”

The full list of connectivity options includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, DNLA, and ethernet, with music streaming integrations that include Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, and Tidal, as well as thousands of internet radio stations. The stereo receiver also features a Burr-Brown digital-to-analog converter that allows playback of 24-bit lossless audio.

Perhaps the best thing about the Yamaha R-N303 is the price: The 140-watt receiver retails for just $350, making it a great option for those who are just getting into the world of high quality music, but who still want all the functionality of the highest-end setups. The new product hits the market today, and is currently available for sale on Yamaha’s website — the same place we recommend going if you’re after more information as to specific inputs/compatibility for your Hi-Fi system.

Parker Hall
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Parker Hall is a writer and musician from Portland, OR. He is a graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Oberlin…
B&O’s iconic six-disc CD player is back and can be yours for just $55,000
Bang & Olufsen Beosystem 9000c.

Legendary Danish audio brand Bang & Olufsen (B&O) is bringing back its Beosound 9000 CD player -- a six-disc device that can lie flat or be mounted vertically or horizontally -- as the limited-run Beosystem 9000c. Only 200 will be sold and each player will be paired with a set of B&O's Beolab 28 speakers,. It's a package that will set you back by $55,000. If that number doesn't give you pause, you'll be able to buy one starting April 24.

If that price does gives you sticker shock, B&O wants you to know just how much time and effort has gone into making this limited edition possible. The Beosystem 9000c isn't a new manufacturing run. Instead, B&O collected 200 original Beosound 9000 CD players, which it then refurbished in the same factory (and with many of the same technicians) where they were first built between 1996 and 2011.

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Crazy! This 75-inch 4K TV is under $450 at Walmart right now
The onn. 75” Class 4K UHD (2160P) LED Frameless Roku Smart TV is a living room with orange walls.

Walmart continues its reign of great TV deals with the option to buy an Onn. 75-inch Frameless 4K TV for just $448. A 75-inch TV for under $500 is pretty impressive and this TV usually costs $498 so you’re saving even more than usual. If you want a great new TV to add to your home for less, this is the perfect opportunity to do so while saving plenty of cash. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

Why you should buy the Onn. 75-inch Frameless 4K TV
Onn. is nowhere to be seen in our look at the best TV brands but it’s still pretty respectable for anyone seeking a budget-priced TV. The most obvious benefit here is the hefty 75-inch 4K screen with 2160p resolution. It looks great with a crystal clear picture which is an excellent upgrade compared to an HD screen. The Onn. 75-inch Frameless 4K TV might lack the finer features of the best TVs but it has the essentials arranged well.

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Tubi teams with DAZN for sports as free TV service continues its takeover
The Tubi app icon on Apple TV.

Not that Tubi was exactly lacking for anything to watch, but the free (as in ad-supported) streaming service just added a couple more reasons to keep you glued to your couch. The Fox-owned FAST service (that's short for free ad-supported television) today announced a partnership with DAZN that brings a bevy of sports to platform.

The tentpole addition is DAZN Women's Football. It'll be available 24 hours a day, with "a compelling mix of live and classic soccer matches from prestigious tournaments." Those will include the UEFA Women's Champions League, Liga F, and the Saudi Women's Premier League, among others. It'll be available in the U.S. and Canada.

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