Save space without sacrificing sound quality with Yamaha’s new SRT-700 TV speaker base

yamaha srt 700 tv speaker base 1

Even great TVs don’t often boast stellar sound, but not every room is going to have space for a full surround setup, or even a sound bar. For example, what about an office or bedroom? Yamaha’s new SRT-700, announced today, is meant to solve that exact problem.

The Yamaha SRT-700 is a compact TV speaker stand, meant to sit under TVs up to 42 inches in size. Despite its small footprint, the SRT-700 packs two full-range speaker drivers, two subwoofers, and two bass reflex ports along with Yamaha’s Air Surround Extreme virtual surround sound.

“The SRT-700 is the perfect solution for those who want the same high-quality viewing experience in their bedrooms or dens as they have in their main TV rooms — complete with clear dialog and pronounced surround effects,” Yamaha’s AV general manager Bob Goedken said in the press release announcing the SRT-700.


The SRT-700 packs its electronics into a solid MDF wood cabinet just over 21 inches wide and under 12 inches deep. The speaker base is meant to fade into the background so the design doesn’t stand out, but the sheer black finish and rounded front keep it from looking plain.

Connecting the SRT-700 to your TV is as simple as running a single cable. The speaker base can also learn commands from your TV’s remote control to allow for even easier operation. “This model fits anywhere, while delivering sound that is substantially better than any flat-screen TV alone can provide. Its simple setup and operation will seal the deal for many considering a bedroom or den audio upgrade,” Goedken said.

In addition to adding bigger sound to your TV, the SRT-700 also features Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from iOS and Android devices. These devices can also take advantage of the Yamaha Home Theater Controller app, which allows mobile devices to function as a remote for the SRT-700.

The Yamaha SRT-700 sells for $350, and will be available starting later this month. For more information, see the SRT-700 on Yamaha’s website.