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Yamaha unveils its stylish new audiophile-level amplifier and CD player

yamaha unveils stylish new audiophile amplifier cd player s2100 a image edit

Yamaha proved today it has no intention of ceding its place as one of the stalwart creators of gorgeous works of audiophile art. In a move that speaks to a small, but potentially expanding portion of the music-loving public, the company revealed today its new A-S2100 integrated amplifier and CD-S2100 CD player, each of which brings hi-fi sound steeped in brushed aluminum and piano-glossed glory.

A-S2100 image A-S2100

Bringing back the old school VU meters (thanks for that) is just one of the many touches that will likely beckon audio hounds to the A-S2100’s table. Beneath the enticing aesthetic of its chic frame, the amplifier hides a heap of heavy-hitting components to get the blood pumping.

The unit includes MOSFET transistor circuitry that utilizes Yamaha’s Floating and Balanced design to reduce voltage fluctuation and ground noise. It also ditches toroidal transformers for a customized EI transformer with four large capacity carbon sheath capacitors for high velocity power control – basically, you should be able to crank this thing at varying power levels on demand, with little to no distortion. Other highlights include a centralized power supply and power amp blocks on each end for “superior two-channel stereo reproduction.”

Power output and other details for the amp have yet to be disclosed. But, does it really matter? Just look at those VU meters!


CD-S2100 image editThe CD-S2100 is there to cover all of your CD and Super Audio CD (SACD) needs – provided you still have said needs. Still, even in the age of the FLAC file, there’s something to be said for a sterling spin of a well-produced disc of audio hardware. In order to offer superlative reproduction of your digital library, the S2100 shares the same circuitry of Yamaha’s flagship CD-S3000, designed for hi-fi extraction of your sound source. That includes the hallowed 32-bit ES9016 DAC from ESS, including a USB input for superior digital to analog conversion from computer sources – because, FLAC.

Pricing for both the A-S2100 and the CD-S2100 is fairly steep, running at $4,000 and $3,500 respectively. Both of the new units come in either silver or classic black, and will be available at authorized Yamaha dealers this month.

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