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YouTube partners with UN and showcases videos from female filmmaking program

Just in time for International Women’s Day, YouTube is broadcasting videos from its global production program for female filmmakers on its own dedicated channel.

The “YouTube Spaces Women’s Program” saw a range of the platform’s established female creators mentor other women filmmakers in a number of cities across the globe.

Among the well-known YouTube personalities appointed as Creative Directors for the program were Anna Akana and Alexys Fleming from the U.S., Julia Veiga Faria in Brazil, Em Ford in the U.K., Nilam Farooq in Germany, and Kuma Miki in Japan.

The mentors oversaw shoots conducted in cities including Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, New York, Sao Paulo, and Berlin, producing over 50 videos that “spotlight women’s perspectives.”

The women behind the camera included Michelle Phan, GloZell, Ali Brustofski, Flavia Calina, Olhos de Nuvens, Ochikeron, Mirellativegal and more. Their clips include documentaries, scripted content, and music videos that encompass a range of topics, including women in the workforce, health, science, and engineering.

Oscar winning Hollywood star Geena Davis was also on board to offer advice and mentorship in regards to gender representation on film. “We need more strong female voices represented in media so that this gender balance becomes normal to the young girls who are turning on their screens,” said Davis, who also runs the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. “By taking this step to empower and represent more female voices on YouTube, I hope that more young girls and women around the world can be inspired to be part of the creative community.”

Additionally, the Google-owned video service also announced that it is appointing its leading YouTube creators to act as Change Ambassadors for the UN’s sustainable development action campaign. Among the Internet stars chosen for the role are beauty and style vloggers Ingrid Nilsen and Louise Pentland, with more creators to take on the position in the future.

“YouTube has always been a platform where women of all ages and backgrounds can find their voice and tell their stories,” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told The Hollywood Reporter. “Through our global YouTube Spaces program and new partnership with the UN, we’ll strengthen female voices on YouTube and around the world.”

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