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Does your YouTube TV app look different? New version rolled out

youtube tv app update
The YouTube TV app has a new look. YouTube rolled out an update today that makes the service’s app for big-screen viewing easier to navigate and search, reports Engadget.

The update, which is for users who watch YouTube via streaming devices, game consoles, smart TVs, and Chromecast, aims to help viewers find content more easily so that they’ll spend more time watching and less time struggling with their remote to search videos. The app now has content tabs displayed at the top in a carousel, making them much more prominent than when they were located in the left-side menu bar.

Meanwhile, the category list has changed with the update as well — some have been added, and others have been dumped. The categories include favorites like sports, news, gaming, travel, and more. Users can now narrow down their selection even further by browsing by sub-category (e.g. Pokémon Go under gaming). Within these sections, trending and popular videos are usually highlighted in a “top stories” area, while the new “live” area lets users find live streams within the selected category.

Users can also discover content through YouTube’s suggested topics and channels. After playing a video, the app automatically will play the next in the group. In theory, the service will offer more videos of interest for less time spent searching.

The update has only been rolled out in the U.S. so far, but it is expected to reach other regions in the future, according to Engadget. As for devices, Apple TV is the only big one to not have received the update, but that is because it has a different YouTube app with a different interface.

The update to the YouTube app for TV is coming today, so if you haven’t seen any sign of it yet, you soon will.

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