11 percent of all sexts end up sent to the wrong recipient


If you’re into mobile, virtual sexy time, we have no judgment with what you want to do in your private life. But according to a poll conducted by United Kingdom-based mobile news site Recombu, 11 percent of sexts are sent to unintended recipients. Looks like too many of you are getting too caught up in the moment!

The poll, which surveyed approximately 2,000 adults, showed that 47 percent of responders sext on a regular basis. About 48 percent of sexters are female, and 45 percent are male (we’re guessing the rest means undisclosed gender or transgendered). However, the numbers show that males seem to get more heated and eager than their female counterparts. About one in 10 sexts from male senders get accidentally shipped to someone it wasn’t meant for, while females stats stand at one in 20. What’s worse: 16 percent of men have had their sexy messages end up in a family member’s inbox while just 8 percent of females suffer the same embarrassment.

If these are the statistics from adult sexters, we can only imagine the kind of whirlwind that goes on with teenagers and their budding romances. It sure would be a huge shock and disturbance for mom or dad to get way too many X’s in a text from their kids. However, sexters seem to know the act is risque, and the study confirmed that several people prefer to delete sexts they’ve sent or received to leave no tracks behind. This might also be attributed to the fact that sexts may not always be sent to someone with whom the person is in a relationship.

The poll also found that 12 percent of sexters admit they like sending sexy messages because the medium is easier and more convenient than saying the naughty things in person. At the rate of sexts getting sent to the wrong person, it might be time for these people to learn how to communicate in a healthy way rather than suffer the embarrassment. Let this be a lesson to all your sexy texters: Don’t rush it! If you’re willing to trust your recipient to not share your private thoughts, at least send it to the right person. Lastly, password protect your phone in case it falls into the wrong hands. You won’t want your dirty secrets getting leaked out for the world to see, let alone a family member.

Image Credit: Flickr / !Sick!