$2 billion Azerbaijan Tower to usurp Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower as world’s tallest

The world’s tallest building, Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower, has just been blown over (no, not literally). If recent plans by Azerbaijani businessman Haji Ibrahim Nehramli go through, the structure, which is currently slated to complete construction sometime in 2016/2017, won’t hold its record for very long. Not once the Azerbaijan Tower is built.

According to an article in News.Az — Nehramli, president of the Avesta Group of Companies, plans to erect the next world’s tallest building on one of a group of artificial islands in the Caspian Sea, southwest of the country’s capitol city, Baku.

These artificial islands, known as the Kazar Islands, will serve as a new hub for both commercial and residential purposes (providing high-rise living space for more than 1 million residents) and will act as a new center for business and commerce. The floating metropolis is estimated to cost an astronomical $100 billion to develop and will give residents access to over 50 hospitals, daycare centers, parks, endless shopping centers, universities, cultural centers, over 150 schools, and thrown in for good measure, a Formula 1 racetrack.

And that’s just the artificial islands. The Azerbaijan Tower will ascend 1050 meters high, and upon completion will tower over both Dubai’s Burj Khalifa by a staggering 220 meters, and stand taller than Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower by a smaller, yet commanding, 50 meters. For comparison, the Empire State Building stands just 455 meters high. 

Interestingly, at $2 billion, the Azerbaijan Tower will claim the world’s tallest building crown upon completion in 2018 for a fraction of the price it is costing Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talaal to construct his $20 billion Kingdom Tower. Although once you factor in the $100 billion it will cost for the Kazar Islands–maybe not so much.