3D printed ‘lacelamps’ cast wildly intricate shadow patterns onto your walls

3d printed lacelamps throw wild shadow patterns onto walls lacelamp
Back when 3D printing was just kicking off, there was much talk of a future where people could download new furniture designs, print them, and furnish their living rooms with interesting new pieces whenever they pleased. For the most part, 3D printing hasn’t really lived up to that dream yet — but we’re getting closer.

Case in point: these awesome 3D printed lampshades from French designers Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jaques. Inspired by the design of lace, the shades feature a 3D printed plastic insert that surround the bulb. When turned on, the lamps will cast wild lace-like silhouettes on the walls.

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“Our inspiration comes from the play of shade and light,” the couple told Crave. “We wanted to create a delicate lighting solution. Once the light is on, it creates a real mesmerizing atmosphere in your interior. The pattern is inspired by traditional lace that we have transformed in a wacky way in relief, showing unexpected shapes on your walls, your furniture and everyday objects.”

Unfortunately, the lamps aren’t available for purchase at this point, but a large-scale production run might be in the cards later on down the road. Then again, if you’ve already got a 3D printer of your own, why wait? With just a few bucks worth of materials, you could ostensibly make your own lace lamp — though yours might not look as awesome as these ones do.

[Images via Linlin & Pierre-Yves Jaques]

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