This building will soon house New York’s most expensive apartment

Remember the short-lived ABC show 666 Park Avenue? Terry O’Quinn played the owner of swank building and may or may not have been the Devil. Ringing any bells? Well, maybe that’s because it only lasted a season.

“The Drake” is actually a real building, The Ansonia, which is located on Broadway. The fake address, however, is right down the street from 520 Park Avenue, a luxury tower that, once completed, will hold the most expensive apartment in New York. Its asking price will be $130 million. At 12,394-square-feet, the triplex will at least have size on its side. A little out of your price range? The duplexes will cost $67 million, while the “simplexes” are $16.2 million.

Based on the renderings by The Seventh Art, the digs give The Drake a run for its money. We’ll assume the landlord doesn’t practice the dark arts, though.