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10 of the coolest A'Design Award winners for the home

A chair is still a chair, no matter the design, but a creative vision can elevate a seat (or any other item) to entirely new heights. Every year, the A’Design Awards recognize particularly spectacular projects, ranging from furniture to entire homes and urban spaces. Now that the 2015-2016 winners have been announced, we’ve rounded up 10 household items that you’ll want in your own home, including innovative electronics, furniture, and more.

Mian Design Studio’s Balet Lamp & Book Holder is multi-functional, serving as a form of lighting and storage. The  lamp is designed to hold 12 books, which (not coincidentally) is the number of books the average American reads in a year, according to Pew Research Center. Another cool storage option is the Peel Cabinet from Leah K. S. Amick. As the title suggests, it actually peels open rather than relying on hinges, which provides a pretty unique effect.

For entertainment, there’s the Pulse Foosball Table by Multa Preta Design. The acrylic and wood construction lends it greater sophistication than the average foosball table, so you can feel more mature playing a game from your youth. There’s also Vestel ID Team’s Swing TV, which integrates a shelf for other TV accessories. The size and quality are impressive as well; Swing is a 65″ Ultra HD television.

In the kitchen, Rodi’s Vision Sink is practical and attractive. It comes with a glass cover or board to give you more working space. There’s also the Motion H Dosa Making Machine by Universal Designovation Lab LLC, which makes it easy to whip up a kind of pancake from the Indian subcontinent, and Sanchin NO’s Ocha 2.0 Tea Maker to brew perfectly infused tea.

For the home office, Alexey Samygin’s Compass Desk offers a nautical vibe. Plus, it is allows one or two people to work simultaneously. There’s a drawing board as well, which angles to 20 degrees.

If you’re looking for odds and ends, Josep Vera Arus’ Dome Table Clock is a solid alternative to the common wall clock. It is inspired by the solar system and uses a horary needle and magnet to indicate the hour. Another fun item is PepsiCo Design & Innovation’s Pepsi Perfect Bottle, which was released to honor the film Back to the Future‘s 30th anniversary.

Whether or not you actually need any of the items, it’s always interesting to see the creative concepts people are coming up with, and A’Design Award winners clearly added flair to common household items.

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