A look behind the scenes at how Dyson beats the crap out of vacuums

a look behind the scenes at how dyson beat crap out of vacuums vacuum tests

Face it, for all the haters of Dyson vacuums, fans, hand dryers, and everything else that blows and sucks, if we could afford a Dyson, you best believe we’d buy it. On top of the impeccably designed product line, owning a Dyson is almost like a fashion statement. It means you’re cool, appreciate innovation, and wealthy as heck.

But less you forget that you pay Dyson a premium for quality and build, the company have sent us an inside look at how Dyson tests its vacuum cleaners against competitors to ensure superiority. For example, did you know that the same polycarbonate plastic that makes up Dyson’s dust collecting bin is the same material used to make riot guards? That’s some intense stuff. Dyson even tests the durability out by dropping a 30-pound weight on the DC41 (along with competitor vacuum cleaners, because Dyson knows you love seeing expensive tech smash and crash). Cringe-worthy stuff, all designed to make sure you see Dyson as the home appliance god.

Sure, it’s a bit of a marketing scheme, but pictures say a thousand words. How many times have you had to unplug your vacuum cleaner, take it to the top of the stairs, find an outlet, then hope that the extended cord reaches individual steps? But of course, for the price of cleaning convenience with a Dyson, you might be able to hire a housekeeper to accomplish all the dirty work. Or make the kids do it for a bowl of ice cream at dinner. No fashion statements there, but it’ll save a couple hundred bucks.