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A look inside SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s $17 million home

Anyone who follows the technology industry will recognize the Elon Musk name – or, at the very least, they’ll know of his companies. The billionaire cofounded PayPal and Tesla Motors and founded SpaceX, so it’s no surprise that, after years of racking up those pretty pennies, Musk has finally purchased a home. A $17 million, 20,248-square-foot home, no less, in the posh Bel Air community of California.

According to the listing, dug up by Curbed LA, the Chalon Road estate feature separate wings for a master suite and kid’s rooms, a two-story library, home theater, two guest suites, a tennis court, gym, heated pool, five-car garage, and a wine cellar capable of holding at least 1,000 bottles. Musk had been renting and living in the home for a few years now with his family, and negotitated the purchase price down from $19.9 million to $17. What. A. Deal.

When it comes to luxury and travel, pictures speak for themselves, so we’ll leave you here for the grand tour of the magnificent – but otherwise, rather dated – estate.

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