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Airthings debuts new View line of air quality monitors at CES 2022

Today at CES 2022, Airthings has announced its new View line, encompassing the View Pollution, View Radon, and View Plus. If you’re unfamiliar with Airthings, they are a world-leading manufacturer of indoor air quality and radon monitors for homeowners and businesses.

The View Pollution is a monitor primarily dedicated to measuring indoor pollution. The View Pollution tracks pollution particle sizes that are the most harmful to human health, typically between PM 1.0 and 2.5 (between 1 and 2.5 microns in diameter). People who live in the city are most often exposed to vehicle exhaust, airborne chemicals, and construction pollution, making the View Pollution an ideal solution for them. The View Pollution not only detects other household particles that can affect people with respiratory problems like asthma, it also tracks common measurements like temperature and humidity.

The View Plus next to the iOS Airthings Wave app

The second product in the line is the View Radon. As the name suggests, the View Radon is the most advanced radon monitor for general consumers. Airthings has been making radon monitors for the past decade for businesses, so you can be sure that this new monitor will have the latest and most accurate technology on the market.

Lastly, the View Plus isn’t actually a new product, but it is an all-in-one monitor. It tracks radon, carbon dioxide, pollution, wildfire smoke, viruses, allergens, and other threats. This product is best for those who want to track everything on just one device.

The View Radon installed on a wall infront of a family.

All three monitors have a white, pill-like shape and are installed on your wall like a thermostat. The monitors feature a touchscreen display to see your current and previous readings. They are wireless and connect to your phone through the Airthings Wave apps for your smartphone or through the online dashboard. The View Plus and View Pollution have a two-year battery life, while the View Radon’s battery life is one year.

The View Radon and View Pollution will launch at $199 each, and the View Plus is available for $299. They currently don’t have an exact release date, but Airthings has stated the monitors will become available for pre-order in the coming months and will begin shipping in the spring.

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