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Pizza Hut and Alexa are latest enablers of ordering food without moving

alexa pizza hut
Ask and you shall receive.

That is if you’re asking Alexa and you’re looking to receive a pizza from Pizza Hut. The latest company to introduce an Amazon Alexa skill is none other than national pizza chain Pizza Hut, who announced a new partnership with Amazon on Wednesday to allow hungry patrons to order a pie with nothing more than their voice.

They are several months behind Domino’s in introducing convenience of touchless pizza ordering, but Pizza Hut notes that its skill “differs from any pizza brand in the space by providing Alexa users with the convenience of ordering not only your favorites and past orders, but also directly from a menu of the most popular items from Pizza Hut.” And Pizza Hut is no stranger to integrating tech into its ordering platform — over the summer, the restaurant chain was the first in its space to enable customers to order pizza via a Facebook and Twitter chatbot.

So what does that include? Everything from classics like pepperoni pizza to dessert items like cinnamon sticks to favorite soft drinks — it is all available by way of Amazon’s smart home assistant.

“Pizza Hut has and always will be devoted to serving customers pizza anywhere, anyhow, and anyway, and using the latest technology is no exception,” said Doug Terfehr, the senior director, public relations and partnerships for Pizza Hut. “Amazon is great to work with and the Pizza Hut skill on Alexa is unlike any other pizza brand with flexible ordering from a menu of options without lifting a finger.”

Once the skill is enabled, Alexa users can simply say things like, “Alexa, ask Pizza Hut for a pizza,” and dinner will be en route.

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Pizza Hut to give customers hands-free, convenient ordering of pizza,” said Rob Pulciani, director of Amazon Alexa. “Ordering from Pizza Hut pizza by just using your voice from inside the comfort of your home is a wonderful experience.”

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