In anticipation of the final debate before our day of reckoning — November 8 — Amazon has released a number of new commands for Alexa. You can ask about the logistics of the event — what time it is happening and where to tune in — and afterward, inquire as to who won the showdown.

Alexa reportedly received plenty of questions about the first two presidential debates, with numerous users asking the AI who she planned on voting for in November. Curiously, Amazon said, there were twice as many questions about Donald Trump as there were about Hillary Clinton, though the most popular question revolved around the age of both candidates.

But even when this last debate is over, Alexa will be keeping her wits about her. The virtual assistant will be staying up to date on all the action as Election Day draws ever nearer. And when that fateful day finally comes, Amazon equipped Alexa with the capability to answer questions like, “Alexa, who is winning the presidential election?” or “Alexa, who won Iowa?” Concerned citizens can ask how how many states each candidate has won, how many electoral votes Trump has, what percentage of the popular vote Hillary can claim, and more.

So don’t give into your confusion this close to the end, folks. Just ask Alexa all your most pressing questions and hope that a machine can provide some of the answers that we simply cannot.