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With Amadas’ new keyless lock, you’ll never get locked out again

Amadas Smart lock main
It’s your home’s first line of defense, and now, your door lock has its own defense system. Meet the Amadas Smart Lock, branded as a “truly user-centric security solution.”

The latest addition to the ever-growing list of smart home appliances, the Amadas system is a connected lever lock constructed of stainless steel, but more importantly, outfitted with emergency recharge, keyless entry, and AES encryption security functions.

That’s right — you don’t need a key to get past a door equipped with the Amadas. Rather, you need to input a PIN, either directly on the lock or on your smartphone. Promising to be easy to install (all your need is a screwdriver) and intuitive to use, the Amadas may just be the way to ensure that you never lock yourself out of your home again.

The battery-operated system promises to work no matter what. Most of the time, you should be able to gain entrance simply by punching in the correct numbers on your lock. But if the batteries are dead, there’s a simple solution – just pull out your phone, shine the flashlight on the solar panel, and recharge the system in under 20 seconds. Once you’re in, Amadas will re-lock itself. You can even set up an auto-lock function that allows this smart home device to recognize your phone within a certain radius, so all you need to do is unlock your phone to unlock your door.

And if you need to grant someone else one-time access or eKeys, Amadas can take care of that for you, too. Exiting through a door protected by Amadas should be a breeze as well — as the lock’s Kickstarter campaign notes, “A simplified exit can be as crucial to a door lock as an easy entrance. Amadas’ lever lock design allows for single-motion egress in case of an emergency.”

Thus far, 75 backers have pledged nearly $16,000 to bring the Amadas to market, and if you’re looking to get your hands on one of these locks yourself, they’re currently selling at the early bird price of $189.

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