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Water you having? These home pools feature swim-up bars

Here we thought swim-up bars were something only seen at resorts featured on MTV Spring Break. It turns out, we just aren’t hanging out with the right crowd. Apparently, lots of people like to have bars nestled right up to their outdoor swimming pools. Why shiver when getting a refill on your beer, when you can have one in your hand after a couple strokes? Stay in the pool; the water’s just fine.

Some enterprising homeowners have even included barstools right in the water, so you can have a seat while catching up with your dry (as in non-wet, or, we suppose, sober) friends. There are a couple bars attached to full-fledged kitchens, though we can’t imagine wanting to enjoy our burgers with chlorine-y hands.

One of the most amazing projects come from Cavines Landscaping. The clients wanted to take advantage of the waterfall they’d had built a few years earlier, a nod to a recent trip to Victoria Falls, so the company decided to build a grotto, complete with both wet and dry areas. A kitchen and plasma TV are contained inside, with access from a special door. The moss-covered boulders, plants, and lights give it unique looks during both the day and night.

With summer fast approaching, we know we’re looking at some face-meltingly-hot days. If you’re going to have a pool, you might as well make the most of it and spend as much time in it as possible. Sure, it only takes probably 30 seconds to hop out of the pool and run to the cooler, but as long as we’re being decadent, let’s have the barkeep serve us one as we bask in the pool. Just drink responsibly and be sure to keep some sunscreen next to your tap, too.

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