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Amazon 24-hour deal: Best price ever on ECOVACS Deebot N79S robot vacuum

Millions of people will buy robot vacuums this year during Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday, but you don’t need to wait. Amazon dropped a 24-hour Black Friday-level deal on the highly-rated, Alexa and Google Assistant-compatible Ecovacs Deebot N79S robotic vacuum. Today’s $140 price for the N79S is the lowest we have ever seen.

Full disclosure: I bought this model during last year’s Black Friday sales event. The Deebot is our first robotic vacuum, and my wife and I are extremely happy to turn over vacuuming to the Deebot. I paid $150 when the price dipped to that level for a day or two last year, and I have never seen the price as low since. During Amazon’s 24-hour sale today, however, the Deebot N79S is $140.

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Ecovacs has many other robotic vacuum models, but the Deebot N79S has been a Digital Trends favorite low-cost model since its introduction. If you can do without some of the high-end robot vac features, such as multi-room mapping, self-emptying dust bins, and combination vacuums and floor mops, the N79S is a feature-rich vacuum with a better than average robot vacuum app.

The Ecovacs Deebot N79S has two side brushes to sweep debris to the center and a main brush. The vac automatically detects surface changes and increases suction power by 2X when it detects extra-messy areas or stubborn dirt and debris. The vac moves easily between and does a great job of cleaning hard floors and carpeting.

Four cleaning modes selected by app or a standard remote control include Auto, to clean the entire floor; Room, for a single room; Edge, just the edges; and Spot, which does a surprisingly good job on some carpet stains.

Ecovacs doesn’t list pet-hair cleaning capability for the N79S, which some brands tout as a significant feature with certain models. We have a large, long-haired Doodle-type dog, however, and the Deebot does an excellent job of sucking up her hair.

Rated for up to 110 minutes running time per battery charge, the Deebot N79S returns to its charging base station when the power gets low. This model doesn’t have the charge-and-resume function you can find on some more expensive models, but with almost two hours of running time per charge, you may not miss having that feature.

You can use the Ecovacs app to set the robot vac’s cleaning schedules, select cleaning modes, or check on the accessories status. We usually just say, “Alexa, please ask Deebot to start cleaning.”

Normally at $200 and recently listed for $250, the Ecovacs Deebot N79S is on sale for just $140 until midnight Pacific Time, October 27, 2019. If you’ve been holding out for a good price on a robot vacuum from a major brand, this is an exceptional deal.

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