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Amazon cuts the prices on the new Echo Dot with Clock, Echo Dot, and Echo Show 5

Smart speakers and smart displays are the gateway products for smart home networks because they’re inexpensive and easy to use. These devices answer questions, play music, and use voice to control your smart home. Amazon just cut the price of the brand new Echo Dot with Clock, the third-generation Echo Dot, and the Echo Show 5.

We monitor smart home devices to keep you informed about the best deals, especially discounts on Amazon Echo and Google Nest devices and bundles. Amazon periodically drops prices on Echo devices, especially the entry-level smart speakers and displays.  Whether you’re brand new to smart home devices or want to add one or more devices to your existing setup, these three deals can help you save up to $25.

Echo Dot with Clock — $10 off

The Echo Dot with Clock hasn’t even shipped yet (the release date is October 16, so it’s not long from now), and Amazon already offered a deal. That’s not unusual because the online mega merchant did the same thing with the third-generation Echo Dot and the Echo Show 5 — both of which are also on sale.

The significant difference between the Echo Dot with Clock and the non-clock model is the array of bright white LEDs on the side that shows the time. The new smart speaker can also use the LEDs to display the remaining minutes for a timer, which is super convenient, or the temperature. Alexa Skill developers will likely find many more uses for the LEDs, even if the visual element is limited to digits — which may not be the case.

The Echo Dot with Clock can answer questions, play music on request, and tell jokes, stories, and weather and news reports. If you have Alexa-compatible lights, security cameras, or other smart home devices installed, the Echo Dot with Clock can also serve as a control device.

When the Echo Dot with Clock ships later this month, the list price will be $60, but you can pre-order and receive it on the 16th for $50  during this sale. Amazon hasn’t set an end date for the sale, and it may last only a day or two, so if you want a Dot with a Clock, don’t hesitate because the price could go back up tomorrow.

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Echo Dot — $10 off

If the new Echo Dot with Clock is on sale for $50, Amazon probably figured no one would buy the regular third-generation model that differs only in the absence of a clock. That’s possibly why the clock-less Echo Dot is also on sale, reduced from its normal $50 to just $40. If you want to add a Dot to your smart home, but you don’t care about being able to see the time, temperature, or remaining minutes on a timer, this is the device to buy.

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Echo Show 5 — $25 off

The Echo Show 5 can do more than show the time (which it does automatically, along with the local outside temperature). The Show 4 smart display has all the smart speaker features of the third-generation Echo Dot with a 5.5-inch diagonal screen. You can use the Show 5 to see news summaries and video clips, display photos, watch videos, films, and TV shows, and make video calls with family and friends.

The Echo Show 5 is on sale for just $65, or $5 more than the Echo Dot with Clock’s list price. Even with the new Dot with Clock on sale for $50, just $15 more buys the sale-price Show 5, which is an awesome bargain. The Echo Show 5’s normal price is $90, so this $25 discount is a good deal indeed. It would be nice to have Dots with Clocks, but a house full of Show 5’s would add even more utility.

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