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Amazon cuts prices on Alexa-controlled Echo and Echo Dot bundles

Amazon cut prices on Alexa and Amazon Echo device bundles. The second-generation Amazon Echo and third-generation Echo Dot are bundled in discounted deals with the Amazon Smart Plug. The Echo and Echo Dot are also bundled together in yet another discounted combo. If you’re starting or expanding an Alexa-based smart home network, check out these compelling deals.

We’ve found the best Amazon Echo device bundle discounts from Amazon. Whether you’re adding to your smart home or just starting out, these three deals can help you save up to $25.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) bundle with Amazon Smart Plug — $25 off

The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) bundle with Amazon Smart Plug combines two of the latest and most popular Alexa voice-controlled devices. Even though Amazon had millions of the third-generation Echo Dots in stock for the holidays, the company sold so many more Dots than expected it took almost two months to rebuild its inventory. Music sounds fuller and more clear on the newest Dot than with previous versions, and advanced features like conversation followup work better with the latest device. The Amazon Smart Plug gives you Alexa voice control for lights, coffee makers, or anything else you plug into the outlet adapter.

Separately priced $75, the $50 Echo Dot and Smart Plug bundle saves $25, essentially giving you a free Smart Plug. If you’re just getting started, these two components working together are all you need to configure Alexa on the Echo Dot to control whatever you plug into the Smart Plug. This bundle is in stock and ready to ship today.

Echo (2nd Generation) with Amazon Smart Plug — $10 off

The main reason to upgrade to an Amazon Echo instead of an Echo Dot is for music quality. The second-generation Echo has a speaker with Dolby sound processing omnidirectional audio and tunable bass, midrange, and treble. With seven integrated microphones, the Echo is well-equipped to hear your voice commands from all directions. Paired with an Amazon Smart Plug in this bundle, the second-gen Echo lets you control a light or small appliance plugged into the power device while it also serves duty as a fine room-filling audio playback component.

Normally $125 if purchased separately, the Echo and Smart Plug bundle is $115 during this sale, a $10 savings. These bundles will be in stock March 24, but if you want one, don’t hesitate — Amazon won’t charge your account until it ships and you don’t want to miss out.

Echo (2nd Gen) + Echo Dot (3rd Gen) — $20 off

Why not have both? If you’re already committed to an Alexa-driven smart home, you can use every form factor offered because each has its best use cases. If you’re planning on setting up a voice-driven home, take our word that you’ll want both an Echo and an Echo Dot in short order. If you’re not sure, get both, set one up (we recommend starting with the Echo, because music), and if you decide one is enough, give the Echo Dot as a gift, and everyone wins.

A second-gen Echo and a third-gen Echo Dot cost $150 if you buy them separately, but snap up this combo deal for $130 and save 20 bucks. There are so many ways this bundle is a win. Like the Echo and Smart Plug deal above, the Echo and Echo Dot bundle will be in stock and ready to ship March 24.

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