Could Amazon offer housekeeping as its latest Prime perk?

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It looks like Amazon is getting into delivering more than just products — the company may soon let you hire workers, too. The company just put up two listings in Seattle for housekeepers that would be part of the Amazon Assistants program.

According to the listings, the housekeepers would be hired by Amazon to do things like tidy up around the house, do laundry, and help put away groceries. The listings first surfaced in a report from the Seattle Times.

According to the report, Amazon could offer housekeeping simply as a part of its Amazon Prime subscription, with the goal apparently being for Amazon to play a role in developing an “errand-free” household.

It would be an interesting move for Amazon, to be sure, but it highlights just how creative the company is getting to convince potential subscribers to sign up to Amazon Prime. Traditionally the company has offered services like quicker shipping on items and access to music and video streaming services.

Recently, however, Amazon has been developing original content for the service, such as the highly anticipated The Grand Tour, a show starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, who rose to fame as the hosts of the previous iteration of the BBC’s Top Gear.

Amazon Prime has been so successful that it has become one of the main focuses for the company, as demonstrated by the fact that it could soon start offering more interesting services like housekeeping. If it turns out that Amazon is indeed offering housekeeping as part of Prime, it’s likely it will start with a pilot program in Seattle, and then expand the offering depending on its success.

It’s important to note that Amazon customers can already hire housekeepers through the company’s marketplace for home-service providers, however it seems like the new offering would be provided by Amazon itself rather than by a third-party through Amazon.

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