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The AnkerMake M5 3D printer brings higher print speeds

Anker’s first foray into the world of 3D printers, the AnkerMake M5, is available today on Kickstarter with a super early bird price of $429. It brings with it innovations not before seen in the 3D printing space.

Assembly has been streamlined and simplified. The M5 can be set up in three steps — about 15 minutes total. It takes the stress out of setup and operation with features like 7×7 auto-leveling, PEI soft magnetic printing bed, printing notifications, and the ability to automatically resume if the print is interrupted due to a power outage.

The AnkerMake M5 on a desk.

The true standout feature is the PowerBoost technology. The AnkerMake M5’s basic print speed is 250 millimeters per second for those jobs that need greater levels of detail, but if you’re in a hurry, the speed can go as high as 2,500mm/s. This is as much as five times faster than other 3D printers. According to Anker, this feature can reduce print times by up to 70% versus the competition.

These speeds are possible thanks to the aluminum alloy design of the base. The increased weight of the machine reduces its center of gravity, resulting in a more stable 3D printer. The AnkerMake is 19.76 by 17.24 by 18.5 inches with a print volume up to 235 by 235 by 250mm.

The AnkerMake M5 also utilizes A.I. print monitoring. Too many times, a 3D print job will go for hours without progress, but you won’t know until you check it. The AnkerMake M5 will monitor for problems like layer splitting, clogged nozzles, and other common issues and alert you as soon as the issue is detected. This helps reduce wasted time.

You can keep an eye on your print job from anywhere thanks to a built-in webcam, but you can also take this webcam video and turn it into a timelapse when the job is done. You can connect to the AnkerMake M5 through the AnkerMake mobile app, as well as the AnkerMake slicing software.

The AnkerMake M5 is available today on Kickstarter. Its base early bird price is $499, and the standard retail price is estimated to be $759. Anker has given an estimated delivery of November 2022, but this is subject to change.

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