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The Anova Accessories store is a one-stop shop for aspiring chefs

If you have a sous vide machine at home, chances are you understand the value of a good tool that useful in creating good food. After all, you need that precision cooker to create a 75-degree egg, just as you need a hot skillet to create the perfect sear on your cut of steak. Now, one sous vide company is bringing all of the best culinary tools together in a single place so that you can equip your kitchen with the accessories you need to throw the perfect dinner party – or evening home alone. Anova has just launched an Accessories store, helping home cooks everywhere turn into chefs.

The products found in the Anova Accessories store promise to be high quality, professional kitchen tools “made by passionate people with a story.” These might not be name brand products (yet), but they’re all created by passionate home cooks who have “dedicated their lives to crafting … tools that make it easy for you to get restaurant-quality results from start to finish,” Anova notes on its new site.

All of the accessories are meant to complement your sous vide machine. Previously, Anova sold the Field Company cast iron skillet to give folks a crispy, golden finish to their sous vide fish fillets (or just about anything else). But now, the company is adding to its lineup.

For example, you can now purchase the Cotton and Dust cutting board, a durable slab of Tigerwood built exclusively for Anova to help you prep all your ingredients in style and ease. Any time your board is looking (or feeling) a little worn, you can send it back to Cotton and Dust and get it reconditioned — yes, for free. There’s also the Bulat eight-inch Chef’s Knife, crafted with 67 layers of folded steel that promise to bring precision to your meal prep. The hybrid European and Japanese blade is complemented by an olive wood handle, and the knife also features a finger guard for improved safety.

Finally, there’s the reusable silicone sous vide bags from Stasher, which can either be used in cooking, or in storing leftovers. Rather than wasting tons of plastic or vacuum bags, simply stick your ingredients in this environmentally friendly alternative, and when you’re done, throw everything in the dishwasher.

You can buy any and all of Anova’s accessories now on the company website, with prices ranging from $20 for the reusable bags to $140 for the cutting board.

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