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Meet Antlos, the Airbnb of the sea

Vacation season is officially upon us, and if you plan to make use of the sharing economy and rent out your house to help pay for your trip, you can also check out the latest company to take this concept out to sea. Antlos is the online platform enabling travelers to book boat vacations directly from local skippers and captains. Because who doesn’t want to get out on a boat in the summer?

Claiming a similar business model to Airbnb, Antlos allows users to list boats for no fee, providing a free marketplace. By removing the middle man of charter agencies, Antlos claims that it offers holiday-goers the “lowest possible price” for their boat trips.

Founded by Michelangelo Ravagnan, Marco Signori, and Nicola Peduzzi, the company is based in Venice, where both Ravagnan and Signori were born and raised. After discovering their passion for boating, they decided to make it easier for a greater populace to enjoy oceanic adventures (though you could just as well cruise around on a lake or river).

Each boat on Antlos comes with its own captain or skipper (even if you’re a licensed mariner yourself, you won’t be able to rent an unmanned boat). To book a vacation, travelers select the dates of their holiday and then search for available boats at desired locations. You can decide whether you want the entire boat to yourself, a private cabin, or simply a bed. Then, much like Airbnb, you submit a request for a boat, and once you’re approved, payment is processed. From there, Antlos asks that you just enjoy the sea — “Discuss your cruise with the skipper: ask for extra details, check-in and check-out times and how to get to the boat,” the company notes. “After that, think of nothing else, but having fun with your friends and relaxing!” And at the end, you can review your trip, building a community of boat lovers on Antlos.

So if you’ve been meaning to go on a cruise, but want to avoid all those people, Antlos just may be the solution for you.

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