AOL Debuts Stock Blogs

AOL, through their wholly owned subsidiary Weblogs, Inc, today debuted a series of new blogs related to following individually publicly traded companies. launches with a total of eight blogs. blogs, said AOL, will provide “daily commentary, insightful and thought-provoking analysis and news coverage of some of the most-widely held and followed public companies”. Each blog will have its own dedicated group of bloggers whose backgrounds range from financial professionals to investing enthusiasts. The bloggers will not be making investment buy or sell recommendations or provide any personalized investment advice, however. Readers will be able to provide their own reactions and viewpoints to posts, and as a whole will be integrated into AOL’s Money & Finance Web site.

“We are delighted to bring this unique network of blogs to our leading financial site,” said Marty Moe, Vice President, AOL Money & Finance, in a statement. “Individual investors are most passionate about individual stocks. These blogs will focus obsessively on what average investors care about most, giving readers an interactive platform to get behind the headlines and exchange insights on some of the most widely held and talked about companies.”