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This app turns your “useless” old Android phone or tablet into a baby monitor

app turns old android phone baby monitor dormi

Despite the fact that they’re really just glorified walkie-talkies, baby monitors are surprisingly expensive. If you’ve ever shopped for one, you’re no doubt well aware that even the cheapest ones can run you upwards of $100. But not to worry – if you happen to have an old Android device lying around collecting dust, you can easily transform it into a baby monitor and save some extra dough for diapers and mashed peas.

For a one-time price of just seven bucks, Dormi will take any Android phone or tablet running Gingerbread version 3.2 or greater and put its Internet connectivity and advanced video and audio sensors to good use. Once you’ve got it installed, you just plug the device into the wall and let it run like a regular baby monitor. From there, you can use your primary phone to monitor audio or video at any point, or simply configure the app to send you automatic alerts when your baby wakes up. It constantly senses ambient noise in a given room, so as soon as your little monst..err..bundle of joy.. wakes up and starts crying, you’ll know. As an added bonus, if your old phone still has cellular service for some reason, Dormi will even send you notifications if you miss a call or text.

The concept of using a smartphone as a baby monitor isn’t exactly the most revolutionary idea we’ve ever heard, but what’s awesome about Dormi is the notion that it’s built around – the idea that all the “obsolete” technology sitting in your junk drawer can still be put to good use. Even though your old phone or tablet might be a couple years old, it’s still a palm-sized computer stuffed with advanced sensor tech. As the mobile industry continues to charge forward and develop even more advanced tech, it’s nice to see companies like Dormi figuring out ways to keep our old gear out of landfills.

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