Oh, boil. Appkettle brings your water to the perfect temp, right on time

It’s tea time for the smart home. Appkettle, a new Wi-Fi tea pot, will notify you when your water boils or hits that perfect temperature, all from your smart device.

The accompanying iOS or Android app displays volume and temperature, so you can start the water boiling remotely or schedule it to start heating ahead of time. A smart scheduling option lets you preset beverage types like green tea or instant coffee. The Appkettle utilizes preprogrammed temperature and volume information to heat up and cool down to suit your taste and alert you when your beverage is ready.

Using Appkettle’s Baby Bottle feature, you can adjust volume, temperature and scheduling capacity. The water boils, then the kettle switches to a cool down mode, and you can schedule this setting around feeding times. You can save the settings of your favorite hot drinks and use the Appkettle to notify everyone at the office when it’s time to drink up.


The kettle’s energy use will be displayed right in the app, so users can see how much electricity it drains when they reheat their water over and over.

One of the coolest things about Appkettle is its sleek, stainless steel design. There’s a viewing window, so you can watch water boil, which you might want to actually do, as LED lights illuminate to show the temperature change. There’s a linked feature on the app that shows the same thing, so you know the kettle’s on at a glance.

With over $35,000 pledged through a Kickstarter campaign, there’s still time for the team to meet its $245,000 goal. For $117, you can take advantage of this Chosen Few rate, while limited quantities last. There’s an estimated delivery date late this year or early next year.

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