Apple iCam concept looks to make photography smart with iPhone inspired camera

There is no question that Apple revolutionized and defined the way we not only listen to music, but how we purchase music as well. The very notion of the modern smartphone is centered on the late Steve Job’s vision and other companies are still trying to play catch-up to Apple’s revolutionary devices. Apple detractors might puff their chests and scoff at such a statement but, like with all things, time will tell whether Apple is deserved of such praise, or if such lofty remarks are simple hyperbole.

There is, however, another thing Apple has done well, (no not the iPad, but hey Apple did that very well too), which is implement an easy to use – quality camera into its smartphones. Small wonder then that ADR Studio has taken inspiration from the ubiquitous device and designed the concept you see here, the Apple iCam.

The iCam takes the iPhone’s acclaimed camera and builds upon its functionality by creating a device that offers all the intuitiveness of the iPhone. The iCam takes the minimalist design Apple is known for and adds an aluminum body, front touch screen, LED flash, Siri compatibility, and a front pico-projector.

Right now the iCam is simply a concept, but so was the new iPod Nano’s watch functionality — so you never know.