Everything But The House estate sales are now taking bids on Apple TV

Whether you’re looking to rid your home of knickknacks and tchotchkes or looking to fill your house with new ornaments and decorations, you’ll likely find yourself headed to the same online destination. Everything But The House, or EBTH, serves as a digital home for estate sales, benefiting both buyers and sellers. Folks looking to downsize their possessions can call the EBTH team, who will coordinate junk removal, item donations, and list sellable items, while folks looking for treasure in other people’s trash can visit the EBTH website, where items start at just $1. And now, browsing through the EBTH trove is getting easier still thanks to its new app for Apple TV.

With this new app, EBTH offers its customers a new platform from which to browse and explore thousands of unique goods available on the website, all on the big screen and from the comfort of their house. Now, as soon as you’re finished with that episode of Fixer Upper, you can turn right to the EBTH Apple TV app and find an item that will fix up your own home.

Using the app ought to be quite straightforward — simply login via the EBTH iOS app or Facebook, and immediately access EBTH’s 450-plus sales with items always updated in real time. Whether you’re looking for antique art, vintage fashion, sports memorabilia, or anything in between, you should be able to find it in this online estate sale.

If you see something you like, you can “quick follow” a new item by long-pressing the item tiles. You can also send items to the EBTH iOS app on your iPhone or iPad to place a bid. And of course, you can track bids and monitor followed items on the EBTH website or iOS app.

“Searching for and finding that exact right, hard to find, or unique treasure is part of the experience our consumers love, and we want to make this even more enjoyable by making it available on the big screen,” said Andy Nielsen, CEO of EBTH. “Our iOS users are already our most active bidders, with iOS browsing sessions lasting 24 percent longer than web. Launching this app is a natural next step and allows us to bring EBTH’s extensive marketplace to Apple TV’s more than 20 million users.”


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