Tired of tangled Christmas lights? Nab yourself a set of wireless ones instead

aura wireless christmas tree lights kickstarter
Every year, when it comes time to bust out those ratty old Christmas lights and put ’em on the tree, it always seems like you’ve got to spend half an hour untangling them before you can even think about setting them up. There’s no avoiding it. No matter how hard you try to bundle them up neatly, those stringy green cords always manage to snarl and catch on each other when you pull them out of storage.

Wish there was a better way? Check out Aura — a brilliant new line of tree lights that are completely and utterly wireless. Rather than drawing power from a poorly camouflaged green wire, the bulbs get their juice from Aura’s Power Ring, which creates a magnetic field that transfers energy to any receiver inside of it. Each bulb/ornament is outfitted with such a receiver, so they’ll automatically light up when placed on the tree.

Not only does this save you from toiling with a bundle of tangled cords, Aura also looks better on your tree, uses less power, and is safer than traditional Christmas tree lights. Because each bulb uses super-efficient LEDs that put off little to no heat, they effectively reduce both your power consumption and risk of fire. Not to mention, the lights are also customizable, so you can change their color settings with a smartphone app.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get Aura on your tree in 2014. The bulbs exist only in prototype form at this point, and while the creators have launched a Kickstarter project to help raise funds for production, Aura won’t ship to backers until October of next year. However, if you back the project now during the early stages, you can get your hands on a set for just 65 bucks — a full $70 cheaper than what they’ll retail for in the future.

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