BabyPing the iOS baby monitor is coming to the US in June

BabyPing webcam baby monitoring iOS system

Modern day moms and dads are likely to own at least one iOS gadget be it an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Now, you can sync a baby monitor directly to those devices when you’re out at work or just a few rooms away with BabyPing, a webcam baby monitoring system.

We previously reported on the BabyPing before, but now there’s an update of when you can actually get your hands on the system. The product recently launched in the United Kingdom and Denmark for £165, or $259 USD, and will come to the states sometime in June of this year. United States customers will get an introductory discounted pricing of $235 from specific retailers to try the system before the sticker goes back up to around $260.

Using Wi-Fi from the camera system, the BabyPing sends information through an app so parents can monitor their child in a full-color 640 x 480 resolution video stream with audio. A Smart Filter feature helps to cut back static and background noise, and if your connection gets lost you will also be notified via the BabyPing app. There are no words on whether the company aims to develop the system for Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone operating systems.

“[It’s] the first device to offer a truly reassuring alternative to old-style monitors by using the latest in modern, safe technology to keep parents constantly informed,” says the BabyPing website.

Now, you don’t have to whip out photos of your newborn to show off to your friends and instead bring up the BabyPing cam and give them a live viewing of your precious little angel. Technology for parents at its finest.