Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a hot tub, out of a DeLorean?

There aren’t many cars as iconic as the DeLorean that doubled as a time machine in Back to the Future, so it’s no surprise that a DeLorean has appeared in a new guise on Super-Fan Builds, but where this one’s going, it doesn’t need roads, it just needs a lot of water.

Super-Fan Builds sees some of the movie industry’s greatest prop makers come together to perform a Pimp My Ride-style makeover/re-creation of some object from nerd-dom for a superfan. This time around, they opted to turn a DeLorean into a hot tub for a Back to the Future superfan named Brandon.

Dubious impressions of characters from the franchise aside, this episode sees the owner of Set Masters, a company that has worked on a number of feature films, acquire parts of a DeLorean, a frame, and a full six-man hot-tub to install in the back.

Thematically, there are classic additions like a Mr Fusion device, time displays, and, of course, a Flux Capacitor, as well as a hover conversion to make the car fit in with more than one of the trio of Back to the Future movies.

Other styling additions made throughout the build include neon-like LED lighting strips, a specialized SuperFan number plate and a few non-canon grills and lighting choices to accent the build.

On a more functional note, the guys at Set Masters also added remote-controlled doors and actuators hidden on the underside, which lift the entire frame of the car to provide more headroom for users. And it enhances the hover effect of the car’s styling, too.

This headline-grabbing edition of Super-Fan Builds was the second episode of this season, but it’s the last one you’ll find on YouTube. The creators are hoping this one will encourage you to check out the Go90 page for it instead, which unfortunately means that no one outside the U.S. will be able to watch this show’s next few episodes.