Balinese hotel offers exotic winter getaway

As the venerable Lord Eddard Stark from A Game of  Thrones  would remind us, “winter is coming” but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about where to go to beat the impending winter chill.

The island of Bali has long been a popular destination for travelers wishing to witness the rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and breathtaking experiences that can be enjoyed on the small Indonesian island — but that’s not all there is to be found. Nestled on the island is the magnificent Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel is its multi-leveled infinity pool. Guests can swim to the edge of the pools and relax while they take in the breathtaking tree-top vistas.

With its 38 luxury villas, and scenic environment, visitors can soak up the sun and lounge amid the beautiful surroundings, which include the lush hillside and ancient Pura Penataran Dalem Segara temple making the resort the perfect Balinese getaway this holiday season.