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The BeanPlus lets anyone expertly craft cold-brew coffee in a matter of hours

BeanPlus Indiegogo Campaign Video
Over the past several years, cold brew coffee has become the way to enjoy a rich, complex cup of java — if you know how to properly brew it, that is. Well, thanks to an innovative cold drip brewer called BeanPlus, now anyone has the ability to turn their favorite coffee beans into a smoothly crafted batch of flavorful coffee extract. Recently launched via the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo, the BeanPlus utilizes the Dutch coffee-style brewing method to achieve ultimate cold brew nirvana.

What makes the BeanPlus different from most cold brew coffee brewers is that it utilizes a drip method (the above-mentioned Dutch coffee style) of production as opposed to the traditional tea bag method. Though both methods offer a cup of coffee that’s less acidic and smoother than your run-of-the-mill drip coffee machine, the drip method of cold brew coffee produces coffee that’s richer and fuller bodied while taking a fraction of the time to brew — four to five hours instead of the tea bag method’s 12.

“Unfortunately, there’s been no truly way to brew cold drip coffee. Until now,” said BeanPlus team member Chance in a video posted to the Indiegogo campaign. “Great coffee starts with great coffee beans and with BeanPlus, you have the power to choose your own favorite beans to create your perfect brew. Its sleek, airtight design provides the most hygienic way to brew cold drip coffee.”

The BeanPlus achieves such desirable cold brewed coffee by making use of a patented slow drip valve which consistently drips water through a batch of ground beans every second. After doing this for a mere matter of hours, a batch of finely extracted cold drip coffee is ready to be enjoyed however a user sees fit. Be it an Americano, affogato, or latte, the produced java not only tastes great but is altogether healthier and easier on the stomach.

Before BeanPlus, crafting your own cold brew coffee required equal parts patience and access to uniquely tailored hardware. Now, anyone with roughly $50 to spend can own this incredibly useful — and wildly simple — contraption for brewing cold brew coffee. As of this writing, the BeanPlus had already raised just shy of $40,000, easily surpassing its original fundraising goal of $30,000.

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