The United States of Beer: Stick caps in this map to chart your drinking habits

Digital Trends has a beer club, and the proof is scattered all around the office. Members have lined their desks, the sink, and windowsills will cool-looking or rare bottles. Perhaps someone should purchase the club one of these: a Beer Cap Map. It would certainly save some space.

Each state in the U.S. map has a cap-sized hole, so you can insert a top from your favorite Washington IPA or Massachusetts Amber. Filling up the entire thing is a good excuse for a beer-themed, cross-country road trip. Sorry, Alaskan Brewing and Kona, the $68 map only represents the continental U.S.

If you’re a bigger fan of local brews, the company has you covered, too. States from Arizona to Wisconsin have their own individual maps, though not all 50 are represented yet. Each individual state map costs $39, though it’s $48 for both of Michigan’s peninsulas. The sizes vary, but Florida, for example, is 27 inches wide and 26 inches tall; the U.S. map is 38 by 24 inches.

For German-beer aficionados, a map of the country is coming soon, and Beer Cap Maps considers requests posted to its Facebook page.

Overall, the beer cap idea is a lot less risky than having a 100 bottles of beer on your wall. We hear those things fall all the time.