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Beermkr is the all-in-one craft beer homebrewing machine

Anyone that has ever tried homebrewing knows just how complex the process can be. The mixture must be kept at a certain temperature for a certain amount of time. Certain parts of the process can have a less than pleasant odor and depending on how much beer you brew, it can take up a lot of space. Beermkr aims to solve all those problems.

The Beermkr is a countertop device that handles both the brewing and fermentation parts of the process. It’s also completely open, which means you can tweak the recipes directly on the machine. If you want to try a slight variation on an established recipe, no problem. There is also a recyclable brew pouch that solves one of the biggest obstacles in homebrewing: The cleaning. Instead of the need to disinfect and clean a lot of different pots, bottles, and tubes, the recyclable pouch can be set aside and a new one used. It’s eco-friendly and convenient.

The Beermkr is controlled entirely over Wi-Fi from your smartphone. The CO2 monitoring system means you will know exactly what is going on every step of the way. A three-valve system automatically adds and removes ingredients. According to Beermkr, it takes only five minutes to start brewing a batch of beer. If you need to do step in and do something else, the machine will send you a push notification and let you know.

When your beer is finished brewing, you can remove it and place it inside the included dispenser. This step also requires you to add the CO2 dispenser. After just 24 hours, the beer will be carbonated and ready to drink.

The Beermkr promises to save money and cites $1 per 12 ounces of beer. If you’ve ever stopped by a craft beer shop, you’ll recognize those prices are significantly lower than average. Beermkr is due to release next year, with between six and nine kits ready to brew at the outset and more added each week.

If you ever had an interest in homebrewing but never took the steps due to the complexity of the process, the Beermkr may be just the device to simplify the process, though, as always, we offer our disclaimer on backing crowdfunded projects. This Kickstarter project has already earned $70,000 more than its projected goal and you make a pledge for a machine for $329. The Beermkr expects to ship in March.

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