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Behind the $500 million Bel Air mansion: swimming pools, casino, nightclub, and more

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From time to time, we become witness to signs that we are living in a gilded age, when the wealthy can dream up whatever they want and then make those dreams a reality. There’s no other way to explain the mega mansion that is currently being built in the exclusive neighborhood of Bel Air, California. Fresh Prince jokes aside, this will be like no other mansion you have ever seen or heard of. The listing price when completed: $500 million dollars. This selling price will set a new world record as the most expensive home ever sold.

The developer behind the project is 47-year old former Hollywood producer, Nile Niami. Niami is confident that a buyer in today’s market will emerge, citing the type of billionaire that wants the prestige and amenities that the property will feature when it is completed in 2017. The project began last fall, when dump trucks began knocking the top of a hill on the four-acre property set for construction. The efforts have created panoramic vistas of the San Gabriel Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, Beverly Hills, and the LA basin. The construction and removal phases of the project have jammed up the streets surrounding the property, irritating neighbors in its wake.

Breathtaking views aside, the 100,000 square foot mansion features:

  • Five swimming pools
  • A casino
  • A nightclub with VIP access
  • A lounge with jellyfish tanks
  • A 30 car garage
  • A waterfall two stories high
  • An indoor/outdoor dance floor
  • A cigar lounge
  • A temperature controlled room designed to store fresh flowers
  • A 40 seat screening room
  • A master suite that measures 6,000 square feet

Niami insists the property will be worth every penny. He adds that the $5,000 per square foot price is comparatively less than half of what billionaires are willing to pay for penthouses in Manhattan.

If you would like to be neighbors with people like Elon Musk and Jennifer Aniston, this development, you have over a year to save up. Get your pay stubs ready.

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