So, apparently Bentley makes furniture now

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Every so often, luxury car brands like to take a break from making high-end autos and dip their toes into other stuff. Just a few months ago, Bugatti teamed up with Desvall to make a $100K hookah, Maserati unveiled an armchair, and now Bentley is getting into the game with an expanded line of ultra-opulent home furnishings inspired by the luxurious interiors of its vehicles.

Designed through a collaboration between architect Carlo Colombo and Bentley’s head product designer Daniele Ceccomori, the line features everything from chairs and sofas to beds and tables. And despite being made by one of the top luxury brands in the automotive industry, all this stuff is actually quite affordable.

… Just kidding! It’s all ridiculously expensive just like you’d expect.


First up is the Butterfly Sofa and accompanying Butterfly Armchair, pictured at the top of the page. The plush sofa is encased in a shell of ivory leather in Bentley’s iconic diamond pattern, while the armchair is quilted in pinstriped grey wool. 

minister sofa

Perfect for your cigar parlor filled with leather-bound books and the ever-present aroma of rich mahogany, the Minister Sofa features a distinguished purple-red velvet body with burgundy piping around the edges. It’s the ideal spot to plop down and have a nice glass of scotchy-scotch-scotch, and will only put you back a mere $14,790. 


The Harlow Chair is Bentley’s reinterpretation of the iconic film director’s chair, but instead of wood and canvas, this mofo features a sturdy gunmetal-finished steel base and supple, cognac-colored leather cushions. It’s also got metal buckles on the side because, luxury. Yours for just $9,220.


The Richmond bed channels Bentley’s luxurious design with lavish, high-end materials. It features a unique double shell headboard made from briar root encased in quilted leather, and comes complete with an embroidered Bentley logo. For the low-low price of just $14,790, you can finally tell all your buddies you got too loaded at the bar last night and had to crash in your Bentley.


The Ambassador Sideboard is pure flossiness. Gunmetal steel structure, briar root panels, ebony macassar veneering, and lava-colored leather. It’s the perfect place to stash all the valuables you didn’t sell off in order to pay for it.

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