The best exercise bikes of 2019

No matter your needs, one of these stationary bikes will get you moving in 2019

Biking is a great form of exercise, but cycling on the street can be a dangerous activity. Aggressive drivers, motorcyclists, and the elements are threatening to make you swerve off the road at every turn. That’s why many people opt to work out in the safety of their own homes, by getting a stationary exercise bike. They’re less heavy and bulky than treadmills or elliptical machines, and you can fit your daily fitness into your schedule without needing to make a trip to and from the gym.

Whether you’re trying to maintain healthy fitness habits or shed some weight, an exercise bike could be a great investment for your time. We’ve done the research for you so that you don’t have to — here are the best exercise bikes on the market right now, no matter what your budget, lifestyle, or goals.

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 ($139)

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This recumbent exercise bike offers eight resistance levels, allowing the user to control the difficulty using tension knobs. You can adjust the resistance to simulate different terrains, or to fit your current fitness goals or fitness level. The step-through design of the bike allows you to mount and dismount quickly while being easy on your knees and back. The ergonomic cushioned seat and foam-covered handles make the riding experience a little more comfortable, helping to support your back and arms while you pedal. The pedals are also weighted to support your feet properly and give you more control over your movement. The adjustable foot straps ensure you’ll get a comfortable fit. Plus, you can’t beat the budget-friendly price of this machine.

ProGear 100S Exercise Bike ($170)

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Don’t be fooled by the sweet price tag on this budget-friendly exercise bike. This chain-driven bike by ProGear is designed to simulate the same exercise you’d get riding a bike on the road outdoors. A heart pulse sensor helps you monitor your heart rate, which can be helpful whether you’re trying to stay within your comfort zone or challenge yourself to a more tiring workout. You can check out other data from your data, from calories burned to distance biked, by taking a look at the LCD display on the bike. The four-way seat adjustment allows you to find the perfect ergonomic setup — plus, it’s cushioned to keep your bottom from hurting as you pedal away. The Easy Dial tension adjustment also allows you to engage in a more challenging workout by making it harder for you to pedal.

Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike ($178)

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The heavy-duty construction of this exercise bike guarantees you’ll be pedaling on it for plenty of years to come. The machine can support up to 400 pounds, and an eight-level Magnetic Tension control function lets you easily adjust the tension for a breezier or more difficult workout. The large LCD display allows you to monitor your workout as you pedal, as it indicates the calories burned, speed, pulse, odometer, and more. The large seat cushion will suit users of any size, and the seat height can be adjusted to accommodate people from 5 feet, one inch to 6 feet, five inches. One of the most unique qualities of this bike is that it can be folded up to just half the size, making it a compact option for those who don’t have a lot of space in their home. It can stow away when not in use, and it can even be transported in a vehicle thanks to the folding design.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike ($239)

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Thanks to the solid construction and heavyweight metal, this chain-driven bike will like a commercial model you’d find at the gym — but without the hefty price tag. The heavy-duty crank will help you feel supported and stable as you pedal away, and the adjustable seat and handlebars can be moved around until the position is comfortable for you. The 40-pound flywheel gives you enough tension to achieve a great workout, whether you’re pedaling with light resistance or doing some high-intensity interval training. Save a bundle on spin class by investing in a great stationing exercise bike that can produce the same results.

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike ($449)

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Schwinn delivers a solid exercise machine with the 170 Upright Bike, which has 29 different exercise programs and 25 levels of resistance. You can switch up your workout all the time to prevent exercise monotony. The high-inertia drive system has a perimeter weighted flywheel to guarantee smooth pedaling and easy start-up, making it easy to do some high-intensity interval training. The bike also has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can sync the machine with the Schwinn Trainer app or other fitness tracking apps, to keep tabs on your workouts. You can even sync the bike with the RideSocial app to see different parts of the world while you bike, or virtually ride alongside your biking buddies in real-time. In-console speakers and an MP3 input port guarantee you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite entertainment while pedaling, and an adjustable fan cools you down when you start to heat up.

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike ($599)

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The heavy-duty structure of this bike helps you feel stable and supported as you go through your workout. And because the handles move with you as you pedal, you’re getting a full-body workout, which you may not get to enjoy on most stationary bikes. The self-balancing foot pedals have straps to keep your feet in place while you pedal, and they can even stay stationary if you’d like to isolate your upper-body and switch up your workout. The frictionless fan stays quiet while keeping you cool throughout your workout. The RevMeter RPM gauge is perfect for high-intensity interval training, giving you the same workout you’d get from spin class, without the hefty class fees.

Peloton ($2,245)

Considered the Rolex of the stationary bike world, the Peloton has a high price, but for good reason. It features 24-hour access to studio cycling classes, streaming daily live classes from their NYC studio and instructor-curated music on its large built-in screen (membership for the classes is an extra $39 per month). Its footprint is also tiny at only 2 feet wide and 4 feet long. The seat, screen, and handlebars are completely adjustable and the seat has a built-in dumbbell holder.

Echelon Smart Connect EX3 MAX Indoor Cycle ($840)

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Billed as the more budget-friendly option to the pricey Peloton, the Echelon Smart Connect EX3 MAX Indoor Cycle offers live and on-demand cycling classes led by certified instructors. The streamlined bike also features dumbbell holders, ergonomic handles and wheels in the front so it is easy to move. This compact bike also only takes up a little over 3 feet of space, making it a great choice if you have limited room for exercise equipment. Plus, the smooth ride makes the EX3 MAX feel luxurious without the major ticket shock.

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